$100 Bonus No Deposit. Generous Program to Start Trading.

EXSwiss alway here for supporting our clients to get more from the markets, we’re offering a generous promotion. $100 trading fund is for real account, which allows you to enjoy the trading experience of ECN/STP execution in a real trading environment, with no investment risk.

The promotion is active from 1st September 2020 to 31th May 2021

Super Easy Steps to get The Bonus

Only take 5 minutes to get your deposit reward






$100 Bonus No Deposit terms and conditions applied

This BONUS NO DEPOSIT (hereinafter the “Bonus Account”) is open for new clients ONLY.


1. The Bonus period: The promotion is active from 1st September 2020 to 31th May 2021

2. By registering OPEN FREE ACCOUNT and upload your document After your profile is verified (Please note account it is required to verify the current telephone number).. The Bonus will automatically credit in to your account and As soon as you use the trading account you acknowledge or accepting the terms and conditions within the applicable landing pages and/or client member’s area, the trader is acknowledging that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Bonus.

Requirements to Withdraw your profit & Disqualification

1. Minimum lot size MUST be traded is 30 Standard lot within a period of 30 days to be able to withdraw your profit. Profit Withdrawal oder will be processed in 1-2 working day.

2. Client may only withdraw from their Account if profits are equal to or higher than USD 50 and maximum USD 100.00.

3. The maximum leverage with this Bonus Account is 1:100.

4. The maximum order volume per one position: 0.05 lot only.

5. The maximum number of positions opened at the same time: not more than 5.

6. The bonus is available for all new clients.

7. Only 1trading account BONUS NO DEPOSIT for each client’s profile.

8. There is no IB commission will be paid for all trading coming from BONUS NO DEPOSIT account.

9. Client must claim their Profit (if eligible) before the promotion has ended. Once withdrawal has been requested and approved, the credit bonus will be taken out. 

10. All position(s) must be closed before end of the Bonus period.

11. Robots (Expert Advisors), scalping under 5 minutes, arbitrage, news trading, trade balance, high frequency trading and hedging are prohibited, or you will be disqualified.

12. The Company reserves the right to cancel the USD 100 BONUS NO DEPOSIT Promotion at any time and without prior notice, to reject offering the USD 100 BONUS NO DEPOSIT to any applicant or to cancel the USD 100 BONUS NO DEPOSIT ACCOUNT of any new client, if it determines, at its absolute discretion, that such action is reasonable and/or necessary.

13. Under no circumstances shall EXSwiss be liable for any consequences of any Bonus cancelation or decline.

14. “reverse trading” on ANY accounts is strictly prohibited. “Reverse trading” denotes opening the same position in reverse directions on 2 or more accounts. E.g. open 0.1 lot BUY on EURUSD in one account and 0.1 lot SELL on EURUSD in another at the same time. The Client acknowledges that such accounts will be blocked, and the Bonus qualification will be disqualified. Profits from the reverse trading will be cancelled.

15. If the Company suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has abused or attempted to abuse the terms of this Bonus or any other Bonus presented by EXSwiss, or has acted in bad faith, the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold, withdraw or terminate from that Client the Bonus and, if necessary:

• To withhold, cancel and subtract from that Client’s account(s).

• To terminate that Client’s access to services provided by EXSwiss and/or terminate the contract between Company and the Client for the provision of services,

• To block that Client’s Account(s) (however, save it where otherwise required by a relevant authority) and to arrange for the transfer of any unused balance, less the Bonus amount as well as any profits which the Company deems to have been gained via Abusive Behavior, to the Client. Where Abusive Behavior includes but is not limited to:

- Where a Client, by himself or acting with others (including an Introducing Broker/ Affiliate/ Money Manager) established a trading position or positions which have the purpose or effect of extracting the Credit provided and/ or profits generated by the Bonus, without exposure to economic risk, including without limitation loss of the Bonus or the Client’s capital (or the capital of others).

- If the Company suspects that the participant abuses the rules of the Bonus by hedging his/her positions inside (with the use of other trading accounts with the Company) or from outside (with the use of other trading accounts with other brokers), the company reserves the right to immediately recall the profit from the customer’s trad

16. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Bonus; the prizes; to disqualify the participant in case of rules violation

17. Where this Bonus Terms & Conditions: in translated into another language, the English text shall prevail over the translated text.

18. If the Parties have been unable to resolve a dispute in the manner prescribed by section all Bonus Terms & Conditions: , the dispute shall be submitted for settlement to competent authority es of the country in which the Company is registered.


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